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THERE IS A CURSE ON AMERICA  CLICK ONTO THE UPPER HEADLINES FOR EACH PAGE.....America  is now faced with a situation of PERSONAL CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS.  READ WHAT TO DO IN  ORDER TO RETAIN THOSE RIGHTS.....GO TO PAGE  2 !  (Website under construction!  I apologize). Securing the economy and Constitution of America.     On June 27, 2016, Mr. Anthony Kennedy of the United States Supreme Court announced that same sex marriages were legal.  However, Divine Laws said, (If a man lie with mankind as he lieth with a womanboth of them hath committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death, their blood shall be upon them.  (lEVITICUS 20:13).    Next, in the 1970's, the Supreme Court ruled that abortions were legal.   (Leviticus 17:14 - "For it is the life of all flesh ; the blood of it is for the life thereof.  Doctors say that when the fetus is 5 weeks in duration, that the baby's heart is beating, pumping blood.  An aboortion performed at this stage is murder in the first degree.  The one performing abortion is charged with first degree murder.The mother is to be charged with "Aiding and/or abetting an abortion.    The third thing to change is "Allow voluntary prayer in schools.+ continue on Page 2.9There were 10626 actual hits to the website, over 23,000  clicks onto pages.  (Final answer to "Gossip Column): About 2 months ago, there was an enormous man who wanted to "beat me up"  He had 2 small guys with him. (About my size). As fate would have it, I had to pass by a big pretty red Truck.  As I was approaching, he yelled at me:  Hey you! Don't you go near that red truck.! (God said "Keep walking". I did.  When the bully saw that I was defying him, he started toward me.  As I heard him get cliser, I was waiting any time for him to hit me.  God said, "Keep walking.:  I did.  When he got real close  to me, God directed His Angels to body slam the bully against the wall.  The last  sound I heard was his fall to the ground.  His fall was about as bad as the body slam.  I kept walking.  You can verify this event at J.C.'s Hardware Store, Pineville, W.V.  GOD DELIVERED ME.  GOD KNOWS AND WARNS US TO NOT JUDGE OUR BROTHER, (for with the same judgement ye shall be judged.)       Now, I intend to open the comments section one more time.  Let us be careful to address the issues at hand and build something solid to stand on. 

I had projected that West Virginia's budget would be $550 million by June 30th, 2016.  According to released data on 6/6//16, the budget increased by $31 million over my estimate with 3 weeks to go - revised estimate $595 Million by June 30, 2016    A market report released said Michigan was the hardest hit economically of all other states.  There are 335 million Americans, (approximate), and each one deserves appropriate representation, protection and security.  First:  Representation.  It is the duty of the President to assure each one that he is doing all he can to provide a means, as much as possible, to food, clothing and shelter.  I know there are food stamps, HUD, and clothing vouchers.  The President should monitor the implementation of all three listed.  Second:  The disabled and elderly.  Social Security holds top priority for the stability of the country.  There are about 1 out of every 6 on Social Security.  In order to maintain reasonable stability, I would recommend that Social Security limits of collection would be removed and be collected from all workers.  The Second Priority would be taxation.  I believe that the middle class get a ten percent cutback from the Tax Table and increase the Taxes by ten to fifteen percdent on the upper class.  Number one:  The middle class should not have to provide the maajority of taxation.  Freedom is provided to every American to work any job he or she wants-therefore equal burden of taxation should be impl,emented for all 335 million Americans.  The third Priority is housing.  If elected President, I would work closly with every governor to assure every family would have hopefully, adequate housing.  I believe that a "lack of housing" is a major subconcious contributor to suicide.  (From adult to infinity, age wise.)  Suicide among teens is at an all time high.  I wish to help prevent that by implementing nationwide plans for cultered, structured activities, that would reward them.  I believe that ALL students should be rewarded for good behavior.  Now ,, the policies I would recommend and pursue as President, would be to fulfill all the above written  remedies for ALL 335 million people.  God Bless.